Ten \Ten\ (t[e^]n), a. [AS. t[=e]n, ti['e]n, t[=y]n, t[=e]ne; akin to OFries. tian, OS. tehan, D. tien, G. zehn, OHG. zehan, Icel. t[=i]u, Sw. tio, Dan. ti, Goth. ta['i]hun, Lith. deszimt, Russ. desiate, W. deg, Ir. & Gael. deich, L. decem, Gr. de`ka, Skr. da[,c]an. [root]308. Cf. {Dean}, {Decade}, {Decimal}, {December}, {Eighteen}, {Eighty}, {Teens}, {Tithe}.] One more than nine; twice five. [1913 Webster] With twice ten sail I crossed the Phrygian Sea. --Dryden. [1913 Webster] Note: Ten is often used, indefinitely, for several, many, and other like words. [1913 Webster] There 's a proud modesty in merit, Averse from begging, and resolved to pay Ten times the gift it asks. --Dryden. [1913 Webster]