Teal \Teal\ (t[=e]l), n. [OE. tele; akin to D. teling a generation, production, teal, telen to breed, produce, and E. till to cultivate. The English word probably once meant, a brood or flock. See {Till} to cultivate.] (Zo["o]l.) Any one of several species of small fresh-water ducks of the genus {Anas} and the subgenera {Querquedula} and {Nettion}. The male is handsomely colored, and has a bright green or blue speculum on the wings. [1913 Webster] Note: The common European teal ({Anas crecca}) and the European blue-winged teal, or garganey ({Anas querquedula} or {Anas circia}), are well-known species. In America the blue-winged teal ({Anas discors}), the green-winged teal ({Anas Carolinensis}), and the cinnamon teal ({Anas cyanoptera}) are common species, valued as game birds. See {Garganey}. [1913 Webster] {Goose teal}, a goslet. See {Goslet}. {Teal duck}, the common European teal. [1913 Webster]