grid below. Use "Q" for the "Qu" tile.


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Recent Boards

e t b b 
o o a v 
n v e r 
e b e v 

Min. Length: 3
Size: 4x4
Solutions: 127
Score: 188
Solved: 1 min ago
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r l a o 
k i e p 
n e s r 
s d w h 

Min. Length: 3
Size: 4x4
Solutions: 437
Score: 892
Solved: 2 min ago
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o e s h 
t t l d 
t w k o 
s h a b 

Min. Length: 6
Size: 4x4
Solutions: 5
Score: 15
Solved: 4 min ago
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l y s w 
s e a e 
i r h c 
i o g o 

Min. Length: 3
Size: 4x4
Solutions: 364
Score: 683
Solved: 4 min ago
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h o e l 
n f n t 
r d e a 
t w c s 

Min. Length: 3
Size: 4x4
Solutions: 197
Score: 286
Solved: 5 min ago
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h t a d 
d c e w 
p g s t 
a y n n 

Min. Length: 3
Size: 4x4
Solutions: 159
Score: 201
Solved: 5 min ago
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d i d l d 
i d e s e 
c n k t r 
g i u x o 
a r p t e 

Min. Length: 6
Size: 5x5
Solutions: 125
Score: 575
Solved: 6 min ago
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s d t s 
t i m i 
k a e y 
x c i o 

Min. Length: 4
Size: 4x4
Solutions: 98
Score: 139
Solved: 8 min ago
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t l a f u 
a n g t i 
h t s a n 
k t i u i 
e l g n a 

Min. Length: 3
Size: 5x5
Solutions: 384
Score: 747
Solved: 9 min ago
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There have been a total of 588,414 solutions since May 2019.


Boggle is a word game where players race to find words hidden in a 4x4 grid of letters. From this site you can enter a Boggle board and see the resulting solutions. (You can also enter the tiles for a 3x3 or 5x5 board.) The results are stored in a database.

To display a particular board, visit EnterBoard.aspx?BoardID=boardID&Length=length&Size=gridSize, where: boardID is the list of tiles in the Boggle board; length is the minimum number of letters that must appear in a word to be considered a solution; and gridSize is the size of the grid - either 3, 4 or 5. To get the solutions in JSON, visit Solver.svc/?BoardID=boardID&Length=length.

For example, if you want to find all solutions with four or more letters using the 4x4 board:

r e i b
t m f w
i r a e
r h s t

Simply visit EnterBoard.aspx?BoardID=reibtmfwiraerhst&Length=4&Size=4 to see the solutions. To get the solutions in JSON, visit Solver.svc/?BoardID=reibtmfwiraerhst&Length=4&Size=4

How It Works

The Boggle Solver loads in a dictionary of words from a text file into a hashtable structure. The hashtable uses the first n letters of the word as the key, where n is the minimum length of a word to consider. At each hashtable bucket I store the list of strings that start with those n letters.

The solutions are found by starting at each of the tiles and then recursively examining the board for solutions. Because the same solution may be arrived at through different paths, duplicate solutions are ignored.

For more information on this application, see my article: Creating an Online Boggle Solver.